The Miracle of You: Be Thankful

You are a living, breathing, one of a kind miracle! Yes YOU are!

MiracleThink of what a remarkable, unduplicatable, and miraculous thing it is to be you. Of all the people who have ever lived or will ever live on this planet, none are like you. Not one person past, present or future had, has or will have your combination of abilities, talents, opportunities, appearance, friends, burdens, sorrows, or happiness.

No one’s hair grows like yours. No one’s eyes blinks like yours. No one’s finger prints are like yours.

You were created to be different. Nowhere ever in history, will anybody have the same thoughts going through their mind as you. No one’s soul and spirit will ever experience the same things as yours.

If you did not exist, creation would have a hole in it. History would have a gap in it. Something would definitely be missing from the plan for humankind.

You are unique! Enjoy your uniqueness! It’s your gift! Treasure it and share it!

Acknowledge the Miraculous

The more you acknowledge the miracle of you, the more you gain access to the fullness of your being. Once you accept how much of a miracle you are, your energy and focus will shift into genuine gratitude. As you live and enjoy this state of gratitude, you become eligible for another level of potential and possibilities and you have to harness the power that comes at this new level.

Often we look around us for big miracles in life, whether it is a windfall of money like winning the lottery, the next great invention or saving the world. However, actually every moment of your life is precious and miraculous. Every breath you take is an interaction between trillions of cells in your body. There are literally miracles happening in your body every second of every minute of every hour of every day and this will happen as long as you are here on Earth.

What if you couldn’t see, walk, talk or breathe?

Take a really deep breath. I mean really feel it. Can you feel how much of a miracle that is?

Lift your hand up. Wiggle it around. Feel that miracle?

Look at the color of a rose. Experience the miracle of sight.

Take a bite out of an apple. Enjoy and savor the miracle of taste.

These miracles and more happen in your life on a moment by moment basis.

There are universes in your body that communicate and coordinate to make all these miracles happen. Each moment you are alive is a miracle.

It’s All Inside of You

So much of life is spent in pursuit of the dream, trying to get to the top of the mountain, constantly searching and seeking that it is easy to miss the awesomeness of what is here and now right in front of you.

Everything you need is inside of you. The seed has been in you from the day you were born and it has been growing since. Start there. Nurture and harvest what is already inside of you.

The miracle is all you. You already have all you need. It’s all inside of you. Once you acknowledge who you are, then you are free. This freedom will fuel your actions, your plans, your purpose and your dreams. You won’t feel the need to be someone else or somewhere else to be happy. You will live each moment of your life as an expression of the gratitude of your heart and being.

It is true that what you think grows. But it is also true that what you THANK grows. The more you are thankful for what you have and who you are, the more you open yourself to receive more of the very thing for which you are thankful. So whatever you want more of, THANK about it and watch the blessings flow to you.

You are such an amazing creation of God! You are a gift! You are a living, breathing miracle!

Enjoy this experience of the miracle of life that is you!

Patrick Carden

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