About Patrick Carden


1392536I am the youngest of 8 children and yes I was the favorite child.  If you ask my brothers and sisters, they will probably say I wasn’t but they do have issues with telling the truth.  I was raised in a very loving family in a small town named Phil Campbell, AL (yes that is really the name).  While I was in the 9th grade, I moved to Milford, OH, a suburb of Cincinnati which is where I went to high school and college.  After being an accountant for over 20 years, I was becoming burned out and needed a change.  So, with what can only be explained as a “God thing,” in March 2010, I went to work with Identity Network on what was supposed to be a part-time basis but it actually turned out to be full-time and I have been with the company since that time.  I am currently the Director of Media and Finance.  I am able to use the other side of my brain and explore my creativity and am having the time of my life!  I live in Birmingham, AL and I also am in the process of developing LifeSpeak Products, a T-Shirt company focused on displaying life-giving, motivational, positive quotes and thoughts.

About A Bridge to Change

Honestly I’m surprised that I’ve started a blog.  But on two separate occasions, two different people that are very special to me said (using the exact same words), “Patrick, you have a voice.”  I wasn’t sure exactly what that meant because I knew that I was supposed to be speaker (at least not yet).  I’ve learned to never say never.  I knew that I had some things to say and that if I had a voice, I needed to express my thoughts somehow.  And so A Bridge to Change was created.

Having been raised in church, I learned all the fundamentals and Christian values.  But recently, I have seen, heard and experienced actions, thoughts and words from “Christians” that do not even closely resemble Christ.  There are a lot of people that practice religion but don’t practice being Christ.  As a result, there are groups of people that feel discriminated against, judged, slighted, made to feel “lesser than” (call it what you will) simply because of things they have done, their lifestyle, ethnic background, sexual orientation, social class, etc.

I believe there is a disconnect between these groups of people and the Church.  I don’t necessarily believe that the blame for this disconnect should lay solely on the Church either.  My goal and hope is that A Bridge to Change can play a part in bridging the gap between these groups.  My desire is that followers of Christ will truly imitate Christ and minister, love, and accept the groups mentioned above unconditionally and BE CHRIST.

One response to “About Patrick Carden”

  1. Awesome!!!! In Al we go to a non denominational church where all are welcomed! They have many ministries, one of them which I have been a part of is the jail ministry! We go in & feed an actual meal to all of them once a month & we minister the Gospel to them! I have been told on several occasions, they deserve what the got! My thinking is, what if that was me or my sister, brother, mother, dad! How would I want to be treated! Matthew 25:43 I was a stranger and you did not invite me in, I needed clothes and you did not clothe me, I was sick and in prison and you did not look after me.’ Matt 25: 44 “They also will answer, ‘Lord, when did we see you hungry or thirsty or a stranger or needing clothes or sick or in prison, and did not help you?’ Matthew 25:45 “He will reply, ‘I tell you the truth, whatever you did not do for one of the least of these, you did not do for me.’
    Sums it all up!!!! Patrick if your ever in the Vernon Al area stop in at Full Gospel Worship Center! I think you will be pleasently suprised!!! God Bless & keep up the good job!!!

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